Online slots such as the ones at cbpekin are immensely popular among all gambling enthusiasts. You can play slots for real money or just for fun.This article explains how online slots work and how you can benefit from them.

Kinds of slots

Classic slots are those that feature bars, candies and fruits as standard symbols. These don't have themes and can be played for fun or money. Video slots are theme based and have different kinds of symbols.

Web browser based and downloadable

Some slots can be played only online, and you don't need to download them. Others are downloadable and can be installed on your tablet, mobile device or computer. These days, many slots work with HTML5 technology.

How slots are played?

Launch your slot on your computer, and adjust your bet levels. Choose the number of spins and select the coin value per spin. Click Spin and wait for the reels to come to rest. There is an Autoplay button too.

Online Slot symbols

The lowest paying symbols are the Ace, the King, the Jack, the 10 and the Queen. High value symbols are different in different games. Some slots may have Wild and Scatter symbols as well. Use these to unlock new game features.

Wilds substitute for other symbols and help you win the game. A Wild might substitute for a missing Aces when you need 3 Aces but just have two of them. There are 3 kinds of Wilds- Expanding , Walking and Multipliers.

Scatter in online slots

Scatters help in unlocking new features of your game. Thy can either get you more free spins, or get you a bonus round.In some slots, scatter symbols can help you get bonus games as well. Not all the slots have Scatters.

Bonus Symbols in online casinos

These help in activating the bonus rounds. In many online casinos, you need to have these symbols on three consecutive reels. Some 3-reel slots need to have just one bonus symbol for the bonus round to be activated.

Slot RTP

Every online slot has an RTP or Return to Player. This means when there are 10 bets of $1 each on a slot, it returns a percentage of this money to the player over a period.


Slot volatility

Highly volatile slots can make you earn or lose large amounts of money in a very short instant. Low/ medium volatility slots are more stable; you can earn or lose money gradually over a long period.

Jackpots and Progressive Jackpots

Some slots offer jackpots as prize money. this money size may range from a few thousand dollars to a few million. Prize money is limited in a jackpot. In Progressive Jackpots, the prize money goes up with every fresh bet.

Online slot bonuses

You can get a Welcome Bonus when you sign up for a money slot. When you make the first deposit, you might also get a Deposit Bonus. There are other deposits too such as No Deposit Bonus, Reload Bonus, etc.

Customer Care and online slots

If you face any problems in understanding your slot, please contact Customer Care, Drop your query in the Live Chat window and wait for the reply. Else, you can email your query to the online casino.